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Lady Carmel Simpkins, Ph.D.

First Lady Carmel Simpkins co-pastors Emmanuel Christian Center alongside her husband, Pastor Alvin Simpkins. Coming from a long line of pastors, she is well established in her gifts and callings as she focuses on happy, healthy, and holy families. With loving compassion, her faith in the Word of God and in the blood sacrifice of Jesus Christ, she brings confidence and hope to people through 30 years of intercessory prayer, teaching, counseling, speaking in the Church, workshops, and seminars. Her primary focus is counseling women and couples. First Lady Simpkins’ initial studies began at an early age in church where she gave her life to Christ. She continued her desire to serve God through her studies at Oral Roberts University where she was graduated with a Psychology Degree and later a Ph.D. in Urban Ministry and Christian Counseling from Aspen Theological Seminary. First Lady Simpkins was a ghostwriter for several national ministries. She also appeared as a guest on Daystar, Trinity Broadcasting Network, and The Word Network. Today, she is passionate about empowering women to move their lives forward and to have success in serving God and their families. She now coauthors and self-publishes books with her husband. Their latest book is Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell on Earth. She and Pastor Alvin Simpkins are honored to be the parents of three sons, a daughter, and three granddaughters.

Pastor Alvin & Carmel Simpkins

Pastor Alvin Simpkins, Ph.D.

Alvin Simpkins is a God gifted Pastor in intercessory prayer with over thirty years’ experience delivering God’s words of prophecy, vision, revelation, council, and truths. He effectively teaches prayer throughout the nation as he presided over prayer ministry for a national Mega Church and the international Christian men’s organization, Promise Keepers. Emmanuel Christian Center was born out of prayer and Pastor Simpkins and his wife, First Lady Carmel Simpkins, strive to develop a congregation who understand the essence and the power of prayer through communing with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. Pastor Simpkins teaches and imparts the power of prayer to many cultures of people and denominations as he encourages them to Pray on Time, Pray on Target, and Pray on Truth. The son of a Pentecostal, COGIC Pastor, Pastor Simpkins learned the importance of integrity and Godly character at an early age, which set the foundation of his intimate relationship with God and strong faith to see the end of a matter according to God’s word. With his anointing in prayer, Pastor Simpkins spiritually motivates Christian men as he speaks at various men’s conferences, seminars, and retreats, which exceed some 3,000 individuals. He also counsels men, women, and couples with emphasis on prayer, marriage, and relationship management. He has authored articles for organizations and publications such as Promise Keepers, Say Amen, Rev Magazine, and was a contributor to Clarence Schuler’s book, Letting Your Wife Become Your Best Friend. He also authors and publishes his own works such as Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell on Earth and Pray or Become Prey. Pastor Simpkins has a Doctorate Degree in Leadership from Aspen Theological Seminary, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Akron, a Master’s Degree in Humanities from the University of Tulsa, and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from Tulsa University. He is a Certified PREP Family Educator and a Certified Instructor for Fatherhood Training. He has extensive experience in planning, evaluation, and organization and has managed a volunteer staff of over 200. Pastor Simpkins and First Lady, his wife of 31 years, are honored to be the parents of three sons, a daughter, and three granddaughters. 

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