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Receiving & Delivering Divine Knowledge

Pastors Alvin and Carmel Simpkins are anointed in receiving divine revelation from God, and then passing that revelation on in a way that people can easily absorb the spiritual principles of God. In addition to conferences and weekly messages, the Simpkins share revelation knowledge through their books:

Marriage: Made in Heaven or Hell on Earth

Pastors Alvin and Carmel Simpkins impart practical applications of Biblical principles for marriage, including life stories of couples who have struggled and survived the challenges of marriage. The book contains Action Points for couples to integrate into their relationships to strengthen and to unite them as a team. Any couple who integrates these principles into their marriage will bring a positive course into their relationship!                                            $10 + $ 3 S&H

Pray or Become Prey

Pastor Simpkins instills biblical breakthrough prayers that causes family, career, health, and ministry, to come out of failure and to flourish in the promises of God.                                                                                                 $15 + $3 S&H

Prayers for Breaking Curses and Releasing Blessings

Find out how you can break curses over you family and your life and experience a blessed life.                                                                                    $7 + $3 S&H

Prayers that get Results for your Children

This book gives you knowledge on what to, when to, and how to pray for your child(ren), bringing them into God's will for their lives.                      $7 + $3 S&H